Caribbean Travel Roundup

Newsletter - Paul Graveline, Editor

Caribbean Travel Roundup
Paul Graveline, Editor
Edition 116
July 15, 2001

Last Update 11 July 2001

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May  25th,  2001,  Montr‚al,  Qu‚bec,  Canada.  - has 
recently  released  their  much  anticipated  new  website  to  better 
represent  their extensive collection of 600 private luxury villas and 
6 exquisite private islands for rent throughout the Caribbean.

This  new  and  improved  website offers world-wide travel enthusiasts 
information  on  each  Caribbean island destination as well as weather 
forecasts  as  they  approach  their  travel  dates,  global  currency 
converters,   corporate/incentive  travel  options,  and  options  for 
purchasing   their   own   Caribbean   mansion   or   private  island.'s  new  website  is  complete  with  more pictures of 
their  villa accommodations and detailed descriptions to better inform 
their clientele.

"  has  new search features to allow clients to browse 
through  our online brochure by villa location, size, cost, or even by 
amenities"  states  CEO Jonathan Poulin, "it has never been easier for 
us  to  personally  help  our  clients in their search for the perfect 
villa to suit their needs."

Besides  increasing  their  image and customer relations through their 
new  website,  has increased their number of trained 
staff  from 4 to 11 to better assist their clientele. 
has  also  expanded  their selection of destinations from just 2 to 13 
islands  in  just  over a year. New destinations include the exclusive 
island  paradise  of Mustique, the Cayman Islands, Anguilla, Dominican 
Republic, the Virgin Islands, and many more.

  " has been highly regarded and referred to in travel 
and  lifestyle  publications as a Caribbean villa expert time and time 
again."  Proclaims  Poulin,  "With's  new  corporate 
image,    new   website   features,   global   advertising   campaign, 
International  toll  free  numbers  and  staff  of  friendly customer-
oriented  representatives,  has  now  exploded  as a 
global  leader  in  the villa rental market. We are miles ahead of the 
competition and we show no signs of slowing down." 

For more information concerning, visit their Website or contact Randy McCaig at 514-620-3360 E-mail:


Manatee  Press  announces  the  publication  of Explore Costa Rica and 
Explore  Barbados  in  Palm Pilot and Windows CE formats. Peanut Press 
has  just  released  handheld  editions  of these books. The author is 
Harry  S.  Pariser,  award-winning  author of Adventure Guide to Costa 
Rica, Explore Barbados, Explore Belize and other titles.

Explore  Costa Rica and Explore Barbados are the only Palm and Windows 
CE  OS  travel  guides  available  for Barbados and Costa Rica. Award-
winning  Explore  Barbados  is  the  most  comprehensive  travel guide 
available  for Barbados, and Explore Costa Rica describes this Central 
American  Republic and its parks, rainforests, and attractions like no 
other guide does.

Both    guides   cover   the   history,   wildlife,   fauna,   sights, 
accommodations, restaurants, and include numerous tips on travel.

Background  Peanut  Press  is  an online bookstore and a subsidiary of 
Palm  Computing.  Books  are paid for by credit card and downloaded to 
your  palm  pilot. Files are encrypted, so they may not be transferred 
easily,  and cutting and pasting is not permitted. The books have been 
specially adapted for the Palm Pilot format. Price: $9.95

Basic  Information:  Information  on  Explore  Costa Rica is available 
online  at  You  may find reviews of 
Explore                  Costa                 Rica                 at

Likewise,  if you are not familiar with Explore Barbados, you may find 
information  at You may find reviews 
of            the            Explore            Barbados            at

Excerpts     from     Explore     Barbados    may    be    found    at   You  may  excerpts 
from            Explore            Costa            Rica            at

  The Handheld Versions The PalmPilot OS/Windows CE version of Explore 
Costa            Rica            is            available           at:

The  Palm  Pilot  OS/Windows CE version version of Explore Barbados is 
available at:
16122 It is published ($9.95) by Palm Computing's Peanut Press.

Please feel free to contact us with further questions.

Harry S. Pariser Manatee Press (415) 665-4829 


I  thought  you  might  be interested in a quick update on what's been 
happening  here  on  sunny  (but currently windy) Roatan, Bay Islands, 

'Last  week  was  so hot, but flat calm, great diving weather, and Gin 
clear,  40ms  and more. I did one of my top 10 dives at 'Missing Link' 
just  10 minutes boat drive away from the dive shop. Dropping into the 
water,  a  Great Barracuda was hanging there as if to say 'come on, if 
you  think  you're  hard  enough ?', anyway dropping down to the wall, 
the   drop   off  is  hundreds  of  meters  with  a  great  upwelling, 
guaranteeing  shoals  of  fish.  There were indeed shoals, a veritable 
'fish  soup',  but  all  in  their  distinct groups, 20 or so Atlantic 
Spade  fish,  in  a  tight  group,  Some  very  large  Horse Eye Jacks 
shadowed  us  along  the reef, Bermuda Chub checked us out, along with 
the  yellow  tails  and  all  the  time the cascading shoals of Creole 
Wrasse,  poured  past  us  over the edge into the abyss. Fantastic, so 
much  to  look  at  and  at  the  turn around point ( I just love wall 
diving,  it  is  impossible to get lost !), as we came up to shallower 
water  a  beautiful  Hawksbill turtle calmly swam past. It is also the 
small  things  that  are  fascinating, The Bay Islands are, famous for 
their  Invertebrates.  Anemones  here  are  always  attended  by their 
shrimps.  Pederson  Cleaner  Shrimps are tiny with electric blue claws 
and  always  seem to be 'gardening' around their Corkscrew Anemoes, in 
groups  of  two  or  three  with,  more  often  than  not  one  or two 
Yellowline  Arrow Crabs close by. Banded Coral Shrimps are tucked away 
under  crevices,  but  given  away  by their long antennae testing the 
water  and  usually in sight if you look carefully. An hour goes by in 
a flash, time to come up, wrinkled fingers an' all. 

Last  night we went night diving, and the Crabs (Channel Clinging) and 
Spiney  Lobsters  were out in force. We sat on a sand patch and turned 
off  the  torches and were surrounded by luminescent stars as we moved 
the  water with our hands, amazing like being in space. Moving on, the 
basket  stars  were  out,  so hard to spot in the day, we fed them the 
nematode  worms  attracted  by our torches; Just hold the torch behind 
them  or  close  to  the feeding corals and the worms blunder into the 
tentacles,  great  fun  and, just think, we help the corals and basket 
stars get a nights meal in a couple of minutes.'

Let me know if you would like any other information

Gillian Notton

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